I Luv Slush


Since 2003, I Luv Slush become Australia’s and New Zealands’s leading slush system provider to the retail, club, pub, schools, cafe’s and petrol convenience markets.  Now the same quality and customer service is now available in the Philippines. With more than 3,000 locations now serving delicious I Luv Slush drinks from it’s 7 flavour ranges, people of all ages are enjoying the great taste of a “slushie”.

Why Multi National Companies and Independents Choose I Luv Slush

I Luv Slush leads the way. We are the only company in Australasia that does everything under one roof. As exclusive importer of these beautifully, hand crafted, Italian made machines, owners can sleep well at night knowing they have a full commercial grade machine that can work the hours they do.


Point of Sale
In addition to the wonderful support team, you also receive professionally designed point of sale items with each slush system. Local independents to National Chains are dealing with us on a daily basis because we understand that getting your slush system is just the beginning. Our role is to help you have liter after litre flow through your machine providing you with a stream of cash producing profits that can help take your business to a whole new level.
Product Quality
The product range is carefully developed as an exclusive flavour range featuring 7 categories of product and 34 flavours.

Servicing All Metro and Regional Areas Across Australia and New Zealand
Here’s what really sets Essential Slush apart from the rest, we have a team of employees and franchisees in every major area to provide ‘on-site’ service and support. We don’t hire contractors. You get trusted staff that is specifically trained in house at our 900 square foot Head Office Support Centre. All you need is one phone number to get everything you need. Our hotline connects you with your local supplier for all your machine and consumable sales orders, service and warranty information and POS service and support. That’s how easy it is!

The Popularity of Slush
10 years ago, slush was viewed as a ‘kids’ drink. But not anymore. Essential Slush products have been used by the Australian Institute of Sport (A.I.S.) and many other sporting teams and clubs. Schools have been gravitating towards our Kids Safe Flavour range for their obvious health benefits (see page 6). Companies are installing them in factories to help overcome those hot summer months for employees – and adults and kids everywhere drink this refreshing drink because of delicious coolness, texture and taste.

Retail – It’s All About the Return on Investment
I Luv Slush produces what is arguably the most profitable business model in Australasia when it comes to slush systems. You can enjoy these massive profits and take control of your business with these expertly built systems.