Reneka Life


Perfect Barista Machine. A simple to use barista style coffee machine, that will deliver the perfect cup of coffee to your customers every single time.

Product Details
High-quality design and technology have merged with essential features on RENEKA LIFE coffee machines. Extraction temperatures are of an absolute stability and groups are separately adjustable with the patented system Aroma Perfect. The ranges define the limits for a perfect extraction (whatever the user, environment and volume). Exists in 1, 2 and 3 groups.


  • 1 steam outlet and 1 hot water tap (electronic control) on 1 group machine,
  • 2 steam outlets and 1 hot water tap (electronic control) on 2 and 3 groups
  • “Cool touch” steam outlet with push button or tap version
  • Illuminated cup area
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • Electronic microprocessor 5 selections per group
  • Magnetic coupling pump
  • Aroma Perfect: for perfect coffee extraction every time, and easy insertion
    of the filter holder into the brewhead
  • Anti-Pics boiler: auto-regulation system which stabilizes the brewing
    temperature and makes the preventive flushing cycle unnecessary
  • GIDR: Setting the temperature of the boiler and of each coffee group
  • Automatic cleaning program of coffee brewhead and Barista Steam
  • ECO Stand-by function
  • LCD display
  • Colors : Piano black or Piano white

  • Filter holder Multi CoffeeSystem (for doses et capsules)

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